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About New Horizon

We sing spiritually uplifting songs to honor and celebrate our love of God and our gratitude for His many blessings. Our music helps us to express the inexpressible, to touch hearts, and to penetrate souls.

Our logo was designed to symbolized those things that are significant to each member of New Horizon.

1. The rainbow represents our new life of being clean and sober.

2. The cross symbolizes our suffering during addiction and the sacrifices we made to become clean and sober.

3. The American flag is symbolic of our status as Veterans.

4. The dove symbolizes the peace we have found through our spirituality and freedom from addiction.

This music ministry is unique in that it is composed of men and women who have three things in common:

  • they are honorably discharged Veterans of our nation's armed forces;
  • they are all recovering substance abusers; and
  • they have turned their lives over to God

This group is truly a product of an idea born from a soul search by Rev. Stephenson for what he could do to best serve and care for alcohol and drug addicts in recovery above and beyond the hospital's treatment protocol. Rev. Stephenson died March 11, 2004, but he will not be forgotten. New Horizon is his legacy.

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